With time always a factor in the foot industry, we believe we have a product that will allow clinicians to reduce data collection time, material costs and turnaround times whilst at the same time increasing flexibility and improving quality and service delivery.

Sole Precision offers a complete service to biomechanical podiatrists, physiotherapists, sports scientists and other foot care professionals prescribing and supplying orthotics. Sole Precision supply high quality prefabricated and bespoke milled orthotics in EVA, carbon fibre laminate and polypropylene.

We are happy to supply a range of prefabricated pathology-specific carbon laminate orthotics, suitable for many clients, on a "by case" basis, or "on the shelf" basis, including buttons (domes), bars etc, which may be fitted precisely according to the client's needs before bonding the patient interface.

We mill bespoke orthotics from a digital design, created from the client’s basic digital height map, using exclusive Sole Precision software. We can supply and commission laser foot scanning technology, and provide technical support, or simply supply foam boxes at very competitive prices. A basic digital map of your client's foot is obtained directly from a foot scan, or an inverted scan from a foam impression. You can design the finished orthotic from a foot scan using our unique software package, or our expert biomechanical podiatrist can offer support or a complete design service based on your requirements and the clients digital map. Orthotics are CNC milled, finished and posted within 3 working days, and usually are supplied complete, or according to your requirements.

Advice on treatment and orthotic design and suitability, as well as a secondary referral service in the Southwest UK is available from our biomechanical podiatrist and, as our designs are digital, orthotics can easily be reissued, or redesigned from the basic digital map at any time.

We are always looking for more podiatrists to become Sole Precision suppliers, and be listed on our website.


  • Complete orthotic supply and support service
  • Prefabricated pathology-specific orthotics available "by case" or supplied as "shelf stock"
  • Posts, lifts, Metatarsal buttons, domes and bars all supplied
  • Bespoke orthotics milled in EVA or polypropylene
  • Digital foot map created from direct laser scan or inverted foam box scan
  • Laser scan technology supplied with training and technical support (without charge above unit threshold)
  • Foam boxes supplied
  • Bespoke orthotic designed on Sole Precision Software at your clinic (Software and training provided) or in our lab
  • Support or full design service available
  • Orthotics CNC milled and posted within 3 working days
  • Unique map and design ID for redesign/ reissue
  • Sole Precision suppliers listed on this web site


  • Dynamic Gel 3D Scanner
  • 3D ScannerEasy & Quick to Set Up
  • 3D ScannerCompact & Fully Portable
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The next-generation scanner is comprised of a patented proprietary gel that captures real-time video impressions, collecting data on the static and dynamic foot.

The scanner creates a full 3D image that will give the best basis in the designing of orthotics from the online CAD program.

It’s easy to set-up and transport. Foot data can be viewed in motion, real-time in 3D, weight bearing or non-weight bearing.



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The 3D laser scanner allows aFoam box scanner clinician to scan foam boxes in-house, eliminating delivery costs to external labs. The user-friendly CAD software reflects the scanned image in an online account program so the clinician can start the process of creating high quality custom foot orthotics.

Once the user has compiled the Orthotics, the virtual data is sent to our lab for the manufacturing process to begin. Turnaround times from order to delivery are within 5 working days.



At Sole Precision we use software that requires recording, manipulating and storing of patient data online. A secure account is provided to each new user and the software is available on any internet-ready device. Recording patient details and previous medical history is the first step. The second step involves uploading patient’s foot data to the software. Compatible data formats include 2D blueprints and existing insole outlines, as well as 3D data such as a foam box scan (hyperlink to foam box scanner section), pressure plate data or a gel-bed scan (hyperlink to gel-bed scanner section). The third step in the process is to select the product for the patient. The options at this step include Prefab, EVA and Polypropylene products. If choosing a prefab product the user can select the relevant insole range and foot size before placing an order. If choosing a custom insole such as EVA or Polyprop the user is taken to the prescription step, which is where the foot data can be manipulated to create the successful insole.

Correction modules can be selected for rearfoot, midfoot and forefoot modification and every aspect of insole prescription is available with useful visual aids. At any given stage the user can view the insole in 3D and with the height map function, the end result can be seen before any manufacturing has started. This offers total control to the user in terms of accurate prescription and results in less errors in the manufacturing stage, through improved communication between the practitioner and the lab. The final step before manufacture is selecting the top cover material and, if requesting EVA, the correct density and combination required.

  • Record patient informationEasy to collect and store patient data online
  • Viewing the insole design in 3DDynamic height map function allows the user to check the insole before it is even milled
  • Classifying foot typeAuto-population of correction modules saves time on prescription
  • Online insole prescribingEasily select and create correction modules
  • Material selectionChoose material type, density combinations and top covers

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