Sole Precision Bespoke orthotics are prescribed via a network of approved podiatrists, physiotherapists and sports therapists. After professional assessment of your biomechanics and gait, and computer controlled laser mapping of the sole of your foot, your therapist will design a bespoke insole unique to you. The design is sent electronically to our lab where it can usually be manufactured within 48 hours, and fitted to your footwear at the next convenient appointment. Some designs are even suitable for immediate issue at your first appointment.

Sole Precision orthotics are available in EVA, carbon fibre laminate and polypropylene, according to your and your therapist's requirements, and meet the highest quality standards. They are delivered in a storage box with a unique ID number, which allows an identical orthotic to be produced any time in the future from the original digital map.

As some simpler foot problems can be effectively addressed with a prefabricated insole, we offer a range of cost effective diagnosis-specific devices for direct purchase. Using the same technology as found in our bespoke range, they offer the potential to give the same benefits, without the expense of an individual assessment.



Foot profile data being captured by 3D scanner

The process starts with a one hour consultation being arranged with one of our Podiatrists. During this first appointment a detailed history will be taken, as well a static and dynamic biomechanical assessment. Based on evaluation the Podiatrist will then determine the best course of action. This could be supply of an off the shelf (prefab) pair of insoles or a fully bespoke pair being created for you. Costs will be outlined at the time of evaluation. If going bespoke the Podiatrist will use either a foam box or our 3D scanner to capture your foot profile data.

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After data collection the Podiatrist uses our secure online software to create the insole, with your requirements in mind. To help design a successful insole our software allows the Podiatrist to manipulate your foot data so that the insole achieves the desired effect. This could be through adding domes, wedges, raises, lifts or even creating grooves and offloads, if required. At this stage the Podiatrist will also decide what density/material to use for the shell of the insole and what to use for the top cover.

  • Wedges
  • Posts
  • Skives
  • Arches
  • Negatives
  • Domes
  • Bridges
  • Pads and cups to any length, width and height

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For bespoke insoles the finalised data is sent to our local lab for manufacture and finishing. A short follow-up appointment is then arranged so the Podiatrist can fit the insole to your chosen footwear and assess the success of the design. This process is the same for a prefab pair of insoles, as slight modification can be required.

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